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About us

Grimsby Jazz Projects is a not for profit organisation working to promote exciting and high quality jazz and music projects. We offer educational opportunities that celebrate and develop the jazz genre and which are tailored for children and young people. We seek to inspire interest in jazz, developing the talent and potential of young musicians through workshops that expose them to high quality music and musicians. We also wish to increase the musical appreciation of children whatever their background. We deliver workshops using music, drama and storytelling to engage young learners. We provide workshops for teachers and students, to develop their knowledge and skills; supporting workforce development, which supports the National Curriculum and which provides variety and interest in music education in the classroom and wider school experience.  

Grimsby Jazz Projects also creates and manages ambitious projects working with national and international musicians and works in collaboration with artists to produce innovative and exciting new music and art.  Combining poetry and jazz we reach out to a broad audience and offer engaging and thoughtful performances that are suitable for intimate and medium sized venues.  

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Grimsby Jazz Projects

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